Sunday October 6th 2019...We Debut At A New Venue !

That's right, and its going to be a big un... Port Vale Football Club!

For our annual 'Oscarmania' charity show, we have moved from Sneyd Green up to Port Vale FC to hold this show. All tickets will be available via the Oscarmania Big Cartel page soon enough.

Friday July 5th 2019 : We Honour A PW4U Original With A Battle RoyalĂ© !

Earlier this year we lost someone very special to all of us here at PW4U; Joshy Brown.

He was our friend, our original DJ and our brother so to celebrate his memory - on July 5th at 'PW4U : A Method To Our Madness' over in Silverdale; we will be holding a Battle Royalé dedicated to Joshy Brown. This will become an annual event with the winner earning themselves not only a future PW4U Championship shot of their choosing; but also a gorgeous trophy that will be presented by PW4U's first lady Kim Roxx.